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Generate detailed reports about your health to share with your doctor

  • Select a date range and report type
  • Export the report as PDF, CSV or JSON
  • You can also place widgets on your home screen
  • Even more widgets…
  • And dark mode is supported of course
  • Secure

    The app is completely offline, your data stays on your phone

  • 12+ widgets

    Customizable health widgets on your homescreen

  • Shortcuts

    Setup automatic report generation with the Shortcuts app

  • iCloud Drive

    Save the report automatically to your iCloud Drive

  • Unit settings

    Localized reports with support for metric and imperial units

  • Heart rate report with graphs, averages, HRV, AFib and more
  • Blood pressure report with a scatter graph, classification and nutritional intake
  • The blood sugar report also contains a chart and corresponding nutritional values
  • Blood oxygen report with hourly values and heart rate data
  • Very detailed sleep report with sleep phases, 12 hour diatery intake recall and heart rate
  • Activity report with steps, weight, burned calories, BMI, lean body mass and VO₂ max
  • Localized

    English, french, german, spanish and greek reports

  • Printer friendly

    Designed for A4 prints, even in black & white mode

  • CSV and JSON export

    Export your health data as a CSV or JSON file to process with Excel

  • Patient info

    Display your name, date of birth and blood type on the reports

  • Lots of data

    Additional data like body temps, HRV, nutritional intake etc…

This app is an incredible addition to Apple Health App. It allows you to organize and present the data there in a way that is actually useful in the discussion between you and your doctor, or for you to keep a personal snapshot of your health in a PDF report. The app auto generates the report and includes the majority of the key areas that Apple health covers.

I was looking for an easy way to get data out of Apple Health to send to my doctor and this app was perfect! It’s data and presentation are clear and beautiful! Thank you so much for making this app!

The data accumulated from my Apple Watch is finally EASY to share with my Doc. I’m 75, and have worn Apple Watch for over 2 years... the charts this app generated have made exquisitely clear what has been happening to my heart rate. From the time I downloaded the app, to the time I was viewing a one year graph of my data was about 5 minutes.

My Uncle needed to share his Apple Watch heart data with his doctor and this app was PERFECT! Kudos to the developer for creating such a cool and useful app.

I’ve wanted an app to render Apple Health cardio data for my doctor so badly I considered writing one myself. Whatever I could have thrown together wouldn’t have created reports half as nice as this app. This really is very nice.

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How does this work?

Heart Reports uses data collected in the Apple Health app. Ideally you would have a device that records data automatically(like an Apple Watch), but you can enter data manually too.

Is my data secure?

Yes. The application is completely offline and theres no tracking or analytics either. The report is generated on your phone and it will by saved only on your phone.

How often the widget refreshes?

The refresh rate is set to 5 minutes. However, this is just the target rate, iOS will often skip refreshes to save battery for example. So if your data is not up to date on the widget, you just need to wait a little bit longer.

Is there a subscription fee?

No, my app simply has a fixed price, which is around $2.99(depends on the country and currency). Theres no subscription and you can generate unlimited number of reports.

Are the reports available in X language?

The app is available in english only, but I try to support as many languages i can for the actual reports. If your language is missing and you are willing to help me translate it, please feel free to contact me.

How does the blood pressure grading work?

You can select from 2 grading systems: US or Europe. US is based on the ACC/AHA guidelines, while the Europe is on the ESC/ESH guidelines.